Program Highlights

An applied degree that's the only one of its kind in Israel, providing in-depth knowledge and experience in numerous aspects of the world of rehabilitation, health, and disability.
Develop knowledge and practical tools for assessment, treatment, and training, for planning and implementing rehabilitation programs, and for coordinating and managing rehabilitation teams.
A faculty made up of lecturers from many different health professions with a wealth of clinical, academic, and research experience.


This unique applied degree program is the only one of its kind in Israel. Students receive an in-depth view of a broad range of topics related to the rehabilitation process and develop practical tools for clinical work in the field. The curriculum includes the latest knowledge and tools in various areas of rehabilitation, including physical, emotional, and cognitive elements, and deals with promoting optimal function, well-being, and quality of life among people with various disabilities at all stages of life.


A unique opportunity to specialize in mental health in your community. For more information >>


Among the subjects of study:

  • Healthcare Systems in Israel and Around the World
  • Neuropsychological and Neurophysiological Principles in Advanced Rehabilitation
  • Disability Studies
  • Growth From Trauma
  • Theories and Models in Rehabilitation
  • Family Support and Empowerment 
  • Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in Rehabilitation
  • Pain in People With Various Disabilities
  • Circles of Hope
  • Accessibility Is Not a Ramp
  • Cognitive-Dynamic Intervention
  • Cognition and Language
  • Attention and Attention Deficits in Developmental and Acquired Disabilities


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I Believe
Prof. Shlomo Noy Dean of the Faculty
Today, all fields are moving toward a multi-system holistic approach in which a therapist will be able to deal with a variety of problems across different fields. This is a new degree, the first of its kind in Israel, that draws from experience gained all over the world on these subjects.
I Believe
Danit Mashash-Halperin Graduate, Occupational therapist specializing in neurological, cognitive and hand rehabilitation
This degree enriched me professionally. The courses are very interesting and very relevant to my areas of work in various fields of rehabilitation. In addition to learning together with other professionals who taught me so much, the mutual enrichment created a deep understanding and emphasized the enormous possibilities and benefits of multi-disciplinary work. I felt that during my studies, they knew what to give and how to accommodate us as students and showed flexibility and sensitivity during difficult times. All in all, a positive and interesting experience. I highly recommend this degree program.
I Believe
Orit Ben Shushan Graduate, Occupational therapist and projects manager
Acquiring a degree in health and rehabilitation sciences let me discover a wonderful combination between the worlds of treatment and technology, accompanied by professionalism, openness, and practical tools. After my studies, I began to explain the purpose of interventions to the children I treat clearly and in simple language. I used technological tools to make learning meaningful and accessible for them. This approach changed my way of thinking significantly.
I Believe
Linoy Sarusi Occupational therapist
During classroom discussion, there were topics that made me feel as if I was placed in front of a mirror that presented the prejudices I hold in different contexts. The consciousness developed through my studies allows me to ask the right questions – both to myself and to the patients I work with.

Our Program Graduates Speak

As of October 2023, the program is moving to a new and luxurious campus at Savion Junction.
The program requires one concentrated study day per week, providing an opportunity for students to work during their studies.
Learn from leading lecturers throughout health professions with an emphasis on sharing knowledge and fostering dialogue with colleagues from different fields of care.

Study Days and Placement

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