Program Highlights

Along the way, you will be accompanied by the best lecturers in Israel who, year after year, win first place in the survey of the National Student Association.
Experiential and fun learning space while creating a network to help you in business and later in your career. We invite you to create a new business infrastructure that includes meetings with CEOs of leading companies in the market.
The curriculum is personally tailored to address the needs of busy managers.


Good managers are measured by their ability to manage and lead the organization, even in times of crisis and uncertainty. Are you interested in gaining tools for multidisciplinary integrative management and completing one of the most sought-after degrees in the business world? Ono Academic College invites you to study in the flagship course of master’s degree studies in business administration, iMBA, for senior managers, led by the best lecturers in Israel.

During the program, practical training will be provided to develop advanced managerial thinking using theoretical models and innovative techniques. The courses are delivered by a series of lecturers, researchers, and industry leaders from Israel and around the world. In the program, which is adapted to the contemporary global business world, you will enjoy an enriching learning experience, acquire a variety of applied tools, and participate in classes and workshops to strengthen your management, decision-making, and public speaking skills. The program will also give you business networking and meetings with mentors and senior managers in the economy.

The program aims to train tomorrow’s business leaders and allow them to delve into their fields of work while managing a successful career. Rest assured, the academic program takes into account the busy schedule of its students. The managers studying in the program benefit from comprehensive logistical support from a professional and skilled team whose purpose is to ensure maximum utilization of study time.

The program is among the most prestigious executive programs in Israel. It is taught in a small class (up to 30 students), lasts 15 months, and is conducted in a format suitable for senior managers.

To download the program brochure, for the 2023-2024 academic year, with the full list of courses (not including the core courses) – click here

To download the information booklet for the 2023-2024 academic year, an MBA master’s degree that includes the core courses – click here

I Believe
Avi Avital Former VP of HR at Motorola Solutions. Ono graduate.
In Ono's iMBA program, everything is top-notch; this starts with the teaching staff. Our faculty is made up of senior managers from all fields who show up every day with expertise and dedication to challenge students with engaging material and lesson plans. Throughout the program, students will receive personal guidance in leadership development, starting with analyzing the personality style and the right combination of the managerial style. Furthermore, students will receive the full support of Ono's management personnel, who take care of and solve every problem (including the taste of the coffee capsules). In addition, in the current program, business contacts, friendships, and a very respectable opportunity. And this is only the beginning...
I Believe
Yael Peppo Product Specialist in Oncotest Teva
The program features first-rate lecturers, exposure to senior managers from a variety of fields, and the chance to study together with a class of exceptional people from throughout the business world. All of this creates a fascinating learning experience that delivers insight into today's dynamic business landscape.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"I decided to start a master's degree "in the middle of life." I was pleasantly surprised by the way the program was delivered, by the learning experience and the positive atmosphere, indeed "learning new things every day" and the college's iMBA program, indeed brings meaning to the expression."
Roy Cohen
CEO of Fetcherr Ltd startup
"The program is rich and fascinating because it is attended by senior managers with diverse backgrounds and experience from all sectors of the economy - the perspective is broad and interesting and refers to the entire business market."
Amit Ekstein
Former CEO and founder of EVI
"Thanks to the program's flexibility and the participants' seniority, I was engaged in learning in a way that I haven't been for many years."
Daniel Sapir
CEO of Cellcom

Study Days and Placement

2023-2024 Cycle

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