Program Highlights

The program is taught over 6 consecutive semesters and is intended for people who want to finish school in a shorter time.
Graduates will be able to begin internships immediately upon graduation in investment houses and insurance companies.
Excellent lecturers who come from the core of the industry and bring with them rich practical experience.


They say money makes the world go round, but nothing happens without the skilled professionals found throughout our financial system. The individuals who see the big picture, analyze the details and make the right decisions are all truly essential.

This finance and capital markets program will give you the practical tools and knowledge to integrate into the dynamic world of capital markets and open the door to a variety of fascinating, sought-after, and lucrative roles.

The business world doesn’t stand still for a moment. People continue to dream, aim higher, and move faster. This two-year program in business administration is adapted to the rapid pace of the modern business world and gives you a strong, comprehensive foundation in management, economics, finance, information systems, and accounting, along with practical specialization in finance and capital markets – all in just two years!

If keeping up with the Joneses isn’t enough for you, if you strive to go further and do it quickly, this is the program for you.

What can you do with this degree?

Your studies will qualify you to engage in a variety of financial management roles, investment advisors, investment portfolio management, pension marketers, bankers, pension planners, managers in insurance and mortgage companies, appraisers, investment and real estate analysts, risk managers, and funding source and financial project managers. In the field of capital markets, the program emphasizes investment analysis capabilities and their execution in advanced trading systems.

Subjects in the two-year morning classes course include:

First Year

  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Support for Young People and Growing Families
  • Financial Accounting for Finance
  • Excel Applications for Managers
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Financial Entrepreneurship
  • Consulting and Management of Financial Client Needs
  • Academic Literacy
  • Business Law
  • Financing Basics
  • Securities Laws
  • Professional Ethics
  • Financial Guidance Practicum


Second Year

  • Financial Management for Financing
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • The Theory of Investments
  • Research Methods in Funding
  • Management Accounting
  • Options and Futures Contracts
  • Real Estate Debt and Mortgages
  • Software Applications in Finance
  • The Basics of Insurance
  • Computerized Trading Systems and Financial Decision Support Systems
  • Securities Trading and Trading Rooms
  • Bonds and an Introduction to Financial Engineering
  • Risk Management and Introduction to Actuarial
  • Field Workshop in Investment Houses
  • Workshops: Portfolio Management, Models for Economic Success, Crypto, Alternative Investments
  • Seminar and Project
  • English (placement by level)

*Example curriculum. Subject to change


Financial certificates

This program provides students with several certificates in addition to their B.A.

Specialization Certificate in Finance and Capital Markets

Financial Advisor for Young People and Growing Families – Gain the knowledge and ability to support and financially advise young individuals and families on proper financial management with regard to banking, tax authorities, social security, mortgages, insurance, and pensions.

Stock Trading Expert – You can receive this certification after successful completion of advanced courses on trading, software applications for stock trading, and data analytics. The certificate complements your degree with the knowledge required to succeed as an analyst, investment manager, or financial advisor.

Mortgage Consultant – Get a certificate that helps you enter this sought-after profession, with more than 30,000 mortgages opened each year in Israel. You’ll receive the certificate after successful completion of an exam and courses in finance, financial management and debt, and the final course in real estate and mortgage debt. Mortgage advisors have opportunities in both the banking and private sectors.

The Mortgage Consultant Certificate is an external certificate made in collaboration between Ono Academic College and the Association of Mortgage Consultants.

Studies for external exams and certifications:

Investment consultant – Certification With Israel’s Securities Authority

In order to obtain an investment advisor or portfolio manager license, one must successfully pass the following exams:

Core exams in Statistics and Finance, Micro and Macroeconomics, and Accounting.

Obtaining this degree grants an exemption from these 3 exams.


Securities Law and Professional Ethics exam.

During the program, a course in Securities Law and Professional Ethics will be taught. A concentrated preparation course is provided before the external exam.

After passing this exam, you can immediately begin an internship.


Professional exam A: Before graduation, we hold a concentrated preparation course. This is a short, precise preparation course at a very high professional level because it is designed for program graduates.

Upon passing this exam, you can obtain an external license from the Ministry of Finance/Israel’s Securities Authority as a Qualified Investment Advisor.”


Pension Consultant: Certification by the Capital Market Authority

In order to obtain an investment advisor or portfolio manager license, one must successfully pass the following exams:

Core exams in Statistics and Finance, Micro and Macroeconomics, and Accounting.

Obtaining this degree grants an exemption from these 3 exams.


An exam on insurance fundamentals, conducted on behalf of the Capital Market, Insurance, and Savings Authority.

Before the external exam, a focused preparation course is held during the summer.

After passing this exam, you can immediately begin an internship in the field of insurance and pensions.

I Believe
Dr. Ido Kalir Program Director
Studying with us is first and foremost an experience. Our lecturers who have won the title of best lectures in Israel for the fifth year in a row, love the involvement of the students in the class, love to hear them express opinions, ask questions, and challenge them. Those lecturers are connected to theory and practice and come from industry and have grown within the financial systems so that they understand them in depth.
I Believe
Matan Loren Graduate, Head of the Digital Investigations and Analytics Department, PwC
The uniqueness of the Ono Academic College is first and foremost: the lecturers. They come from the industry and bring applied professional experience that is not in the ‘books’ and accompany you personally until the end of your studies. I highly recommend it.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"What made me the manager I am today is that Ono knows how to combine great lecturers with practical exercises simulation real business processes."
Roy Katzir
Head of Trade and Marketing at the Shufersal chain of Supermarkets
"The studies were so wonderful that I plan to get a master's degree soon. The level of study is very high and the staff is attentive, both academically and in the secretariat who accompanied me in everything I needed."
Frida Stavisky
Head of Liquidation and Receiverships - Income Tax Authority

Study Days and Placement

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