Program Highlights

The degree includes a Construction Supervisor Certificate approved by the Ministry of Economy. Today, the construction market lacks thousands of construction supervisors.
The curriculum consists of a practicum during the studies at leading construction companies.
Our program is the only academic degree in Israel that combines business administration studies with construction management.


Our unique program combines business administration studies taught by the best lecturers in construction management studies. The program seeks to train the next generation of construction supervisors: those with developed management skills that include economic, managerial, legal, and marketing knowledge, and more. In addition, with a thorough understanding of construction technologies and methods and construction site familiarity.

Graduates of the program become qualified construction supervisors. Since the recent change of laws and regulations that requires almost every construction site to have a supervisor permanently, this profession is in high demand.

Among the subjects studied:

  • Academic Literacy
  • Construction Safety 
  • Reading Work Plans and Building Details
  • Introduction to the Profession and Position
  • The Legal System in Israel
  • Real Estate Law (Contracts, Property, Tax Law)
  • Framing and Construction Professions
  • Construction Theory
  • Practical Experience On-Site
  • The Basics of Engineering
  • Work at Heights
  • Guided Tour to the Construction Site
  • Construction Site and Execution Management
  • Applied Mathematics and Calculus
  • Accounting
  • Standards and Accessibility
  • Employee Management and Labor Law
  • Introduction to Computer Applications
  • Computer Applications in the Construction
  • Introduction to Supervision and Project Management + Project Ms
  • First Aid
  • Statistics
  • Urban Renewal
  • The Basics of Economics
  • Preparation for a Theoretical Exam
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Assistant to the Construction Supervisor – Internship
  • Sustainability and Trends in Construction
  • Preparation for an External Exam

* The program is subject to change

I Believe
Dr. Haim Zicherman Head of the Department and Head of the Real Estate School
Real estate is not about having street smarts. Real estate is a rule profession. And as in many other professions, construction management also requires a broad knowledge of various fields. The construction site manager is responsible for dozens of workers and is entrusted with a large and potentially dangerous project. Therefore, the construction manager should have knowledge and skills comparable to other industry managers while remaining at the forefront of technology in the construction field.

Our Program Graduates Speak

The program allows you to finish within two and a half years with a bachelor's degree in a highly sought-after profession with a clear path to progress and rise in the industry.

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