General (Res.) Yehuda Segev

Reserve General in the IDF

Affiliation: LLB Law


Yehuda Segev (born July 21, 1951) is a reserve General in the IDF. Born in 1951 in Romania, he enlisted in the IDF in 1969 and reached the rank of lieutenant colonel. During the Yom Kippur War, he returned to the army and fought on the Egyptian front. In 1998, Segev was promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed head of the Personnel Division. Shortly after his release from the IDF in 2001, Segev was appointed CEO of the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel. He held this position until his retirement in December 2004. In August 2006, he was appointed CEO of the Manufacturers’ Association and held the position until April 2011. In addition, he was involved in the Export Institute, Chairman of the Gaash Board, and a member of the Board of Directors. 2010–2011), Kibbutz Nitzanim Holdings, Provident Funds and Funds of Otzar Hachayal Bank. Segev holds a law degree from Ono Academic College. In 2013, his book “Imaginary Letters to Dad” was published. He has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shafir Engineering since 2015.

Field of Excellence

Military and Police