Tal Gordon

Musician, TV Presenter, Actress

Affiliation: B.Mus Music


Tal Gordon is an Israeli singer, musician, composer, writer, and presenter of radio and television. During her military service, she sang in an army band. Her 1991 breakthrough album “Masks” featured songs she wrote and composed with Rockfour member Amir Zoref and produced by Berry Sakharof. In 1999, she collaborated with Rona Keenan, culminating in her third album, “I Wanted It to Never End.” Gordon presented the music magazine “Made in Israel” on TV Channel One. In 2006, she began presenting the program “Musical Night Birds” on Army radio and released her fourth album, “Before the Sun Rises,” on the eighth note label.

In 2007 she began presenting the cultural magazine “Culture, Street” on educational television. From 2010 until today, she has presented the cultural program “Hakol Tarbut” on the same channel, with Eldad Ziv as a guest presenter. The program is also broadcast on Channel 2. In 2020, she completed a degree in music at the Ono Academic College School of Music. In 2021 she appeared for the first time in a role in the TV series “Sweety, Right in the Middle” as Dolly Mordechai, the mother of the heroine of the series.

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