Riyad Ali


Affiliation: LLB Law


Riyad Ali is an Israeli journalist of Druze descent who serves as a reporter for Channel 11 News. Ali was born in the village of Maghar in the Galilee. He is an attorney, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in law from Ono Academic College. Ali also served as a group instructor in the Jewish-Arab community of Neve Shalom. Ali started working for Channel One in 1998 and was initially a researcher on the Arabska program.

In 2000, he began working as the West Bank correspondent for the station’s prime-time news hour. In 2002 he went to work for CNN as a field producer. In September 2004, during his journalistic work in Gaza, Ali was abducted by Palestinian militants in Gaza and released a day later. In 2005 he returned to Channel One and continued working work for the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation in the area of documentary films. In May 2020, following the COVID-19 pandemic, Ali created a series of spots about working from home.

Field of Excellence