Itai Waldman

Journalist and editor of Israel’s Mako news

Affiliation: LLB Law


Itai Waldman is an Israeli journalist and editor of Israel’s Mako news and culture website. He is the former editor of the Time Out Tel Aviv magazine. In the army, he served as an officer in the Armored Corps and as a company commander in the 1st Battalion. He has a bachelor’s degree in law from Ono Academic College. After his military service, Waldman worked in New York, writing reviews of performances for Maariv Culture.

When he returned to Israel, he wrote for Maariv and began working with Gal Ochowski and Eitan Fox on the production of their film The Bubble. In 2005, Waldman edited the music section of the cultural weekly Time Out Tel Aviv. Two years later, he was appointed deputy editor, and after another two years, he was appointed editor. In 2008 he joined the panel of the program Dirt, which was broadcast on HOT3 television. In addition to his journalistic work, he has appeared as a DJ throughout Tel Aviv. In February 2014, Waldman was appointed editor-in-chief of the Mako website.

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