Elad Mann

Lawyer, journalist, publicist and social activist

Affiliation: LLB Law


Elad Mann is an Israeli lawyer, journalist, publicist, and social activist. His legal practice deals with commercial-international law, constitutional and administrative law, economic regulation and communication, and information law. Upon his release from the IDF (following being wounded in his service in the Navy), he studied law and business administration at Ono Academic College. Mann went on to study for a doctorate in law, dealing with the field of conflict of interest theory, under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Law in Tel Aviv, Prof. Sharon Hanas, and retired Supreme Court Justice, Prof. Yoram Danziger.

In parallel with his academic studies, Mann served in the late 90s and early 2000s as a reporter for the “Schocken” network of the “Haaretz” group in various positions, including magazine writing, sports, cultural criticism, and news. In addition, he was a columnist for the Rishon football newspaper published by the network in the early 2000s. Even after leaving the active press, he continued to write and publish numerous commentary and opinion columns on economic and legal issues in a variety of media, including Haaretz and De Marker, Calcalist, Globes, and the “Seventh Eye.”

In 2006, with attorney Zvika Barak, he established the Mann-Barak Law Firm and Notary, in which he is active to this day. In addition to his work as a lawyer, he is a lecturer in communication law and journalistic ethics. Mann served as head of the Civil Enforcement and Regulation Clinic at Ono Academic College.

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