Photo: Eyal Toug. Published in “Haaretz”

Ono Academic College’s School of Law presents a conference on the occasion of the book launch of “The Book of Yaakov Weinroth” which is published in memory of Adv. Dr. Yaakov Weinroth, on the third anniversary of his death.

The conference will take place on Monday, at Ono Academic College.

The conference’s program is as follows:

  • 19:00 Gathering
  • 19:15 Greetings
    • Adv. Dubi Weinroth – Words from the Family
    • Dr. Elad Finkelstein, Dean of the Faculty of Law
    • MK Ayelet Shaked, Minister of the Interior
    • Dr. Avichai Mandelblit, Attorney General
    • Justice Prof. Yoram Danziger, Supreme Court Justice (Retired)
    • Prof. Avi Weinroth – Editor’s note
  • Keynote Address: “And Yaakov Went His Way: Chapters in the Doctrine of the Life of the Late Dr. Yaakov Weinroth, of Blessed Memory by Prof. Aviad HaCohen, President of the Academic Center for Law and Science
  • Discussion: On Both Sides of the Bridge – a Jewish and Democratic State
    • Moderator: Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Ono Academic College
    • Participants: MK Moshe Arbel, Supreme Court Justice (retired)
      • Justice Edna Arbel, Supreme Court Justice (retired)
      • Justice Prof. Aharon Barak, President of the Supreme Court (retired)
      • Judge Dr. Gershon Gontobnik, Tel Aviv District Court
      • Prof. Yedidya Stern, President of the Institute for Jewish People’s Policy
      • Prof. Ron Shapira, President of the Peres Academic Center
  • Moderator: Dr. Haim Zicherman, Ono Academic College

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