Conference on National Resilience

Ono Academic College is sponsoring a conference on the subject of “National and Organizational Resilience:  From Crisis to Reality” that will take place on Wednesday, 24 February 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 on Zoom.


The conference is the first event promoting the opening of new specialization in “National and Organizational Resilience” in Ono’s MBA degree. This program is unique in Israel. This degree will give managers practical and theoretical tools for formulating plans to build organizational and national resilience during routine times.  Building resilience is a critical component in dealing with crisis situations, and only those who have prepared for crises during times of quiet will be able to emerge from them strengthened.


The conference, in the format of “TED” talks, will give the audience an opportunity to meet the program lecturers and ask them questions.


The conference program includes:


  • “National Resilience: From Crisis to Opportunity” – Deputy Police Commissioner (Retired) and Major General (Retired) Alon Levavi, Director of the National and Organizational Resilience Program at Ono Academic College.
  • “Who Will Invent the Vaccine for Resilience?” – Prof. Kobi Peleg, international expert in emergency and disaster management
  • “The Business Sector and the Construction of an Organizational Powerhouse” – Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin, Vice President of the Manufacturers’ Association, former Member of Knesset
  • “National and Organizational Resilience in a Multicultural Society” – Dr. Yamit Alfasi, Director of the Prevention Department at the Community Security Authority
  • “Public Trust as a Condition for Building Resilience” – Yarden Vatikai, former strategic advisor to the director of the national information staff
  • “The Corona Virus as an X-ray for Resilience” – Oved Yehezkel, chairman of the Tara company, former Secretary of the Government of Israel
  • “Resilience of the City and the Municipality” – Dr. Shai Ben-Yosef, Sociologist and Lecturer in Organizational and Community Development
  • “Concluding Remarks” – Nurit Dabush, lecturer and partner in the establishment of the program in national resilience at Ono Academic College


The Hebrew-language seminar is free of charge but requires early registration which can be done at the following link:,-N,-N878,-N5529