Ono Academic College’s Judaic Studies department invites the public to a fascinating lecture series in which each meeting will feature two lecturers with divergent viewpoints.  They may not always agree but they will interact, exchange opinions, debate and respect each other

  • Meeting 1: Pre-Israel Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers, “From Nathan Elbaz to Roi Klein: The Hero Myth in Israeli Culture.” Featuring Dr. Oshra Alfasi, lecturer in Hebrew literature and principal of the Ben Shemen High School and Dr. Tzachi Cohen, Academic Director of Ono’s Jerusalem Campus
  • Meeting 2: Following Israel Independence Day, “From gender to skin color: on presence and absence in the Declaration of Independence.” Featuring Dr. Iris Brown, Head of the Jewish Legal Tradition Field at Ono’s Law School and Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, Director of Ono’s International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry
  • Meeting 3: Preceding the La”G B’Omer Holiday, “Epidemics and Changing Times: from the black plague to the corona epidemic.” Featuring Dr. Hannah Davidson, Lecturer and Researcher in the Field of Medicine and Judaism and Dr. David Sorotskin, Director of Interfaith Studies in the Judaic Studies Department
  • Meeting 4: Prior to the Jerusalem Day Holiday, “Jerusalem: A city, a temple and a book.” Featuring Dr. Shulamit Kennedy-Harel, Director of the Field of Jewish and Israeli Culture and Dr. Nevo Shimon Vaknin, Academic Director of the Kiryat Ono Campus
  • Meeting 5: Marking the Eid al-Fitr Holiday, “The Abraham Agreements: From the Maimuna to Eid al-Fitr Holidays.” Featuring Dr. David Bitton, Director of the Department of Jewish Studies and Dr. Samir Ben-La’ishiy, lecturer and researcher of Judaism and Islam in North Africa
  • Meeting 6: Following the Shavuot Holiday, Your Mother’s Torah: Things I Learned from Mom.” Featuring Dr. Shimon Azoulay, Director of the field of Community and Meaning and Rabbi Hagit Sabag-Yisrael, head of the Beig Midrash Study Hall

The program is supervised by the writer and director Bosnat Hazan, a lecturer in the Department of Judaic Studies.

The meetings will be accompanied by the musician Odeya Barkan, a lecturer in Departmnet of Judaic Studies and the School of Music

All meetings will take place on zoom.

For more details: www.ono.ac.il

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