“The Supreme Court and ultra-Orthodox Society” – Book Launch

Ono Academic College and Bar Ilan University invite you to the launch of the new book by Dr. Haim Zicherman and Prof. Gideon Sapir, entitled, ‘”The Keeper of the Walls: The Supreme Court and ultra-Orthodox Society.

The event will take place on Wednesday, the 29th of Adar, March 22, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at Ono Academic College’s Jerusalem Campus.

The book examines how the Supreme Court frequently presents itself, as the defender of the rights of minorities. It could therefore be expected that the ultra-Orthodox minority group would show the court a great deal of appreciation and trust. Reality shows otherwise: a significant part of the ultra-Orthodox public is hostile to the Supreme Court and sees it as a bitter rival. The book, “Guardians of the Walls” whether this feeling has a basis.

The program will include sessions on the role of the Supreme Court in a divided society and academic separation. Some of the scheduled speakers are:

  • Dr. Rivi Cohen, Vice President, Ono Academic College
  • Dr. Elad Finkelstein, Dean of the School of Law, Ono Academic College
  • Prof. Ariel Bandor, School of Law, Bar Ilan University
  • Dr. Haim Zicherman, Director of the School of Real Estate and the School of Law, Ono Academic College
  • Prof. Amichai Cohen. the School of Law, Ono Academic College
  • Prof. Ron Shapira, president of the Peres Academic Center
  • Prof. Noya Rimelt, School of Law, Haifa University
  • Dr. Yaakov Ben Shemesh, School of Law, Ono Academic College
  • Prof. Gideon Sapir, School of Law, Bar Ilan University

Attendance is free of charge but requires prior registration on the website: www.ono.ac.il

To register, click here: https://yedion.ono.ac.il/yedion/FireflyWeb.aspx?prgname=PayingForItems&arguments=-N,-N,-N878,-N8706