An investigative report filed by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper found that Supreme Court judges chose 68 legal assistants over the last three years. The position is considered one of the most prestigious in Israel, and serves as a stepping stone to senior positions in the field of law.
Out of the 68, only two of the legal clerks m were ultra-Orthodox and both of them graduated from Ono Academic College. All the other Supreme Court clerks graduates from Israel’s universities.
Appointment as a legal clerk at the Supreme Court is considered one of the most challenging and prestigious positions for lawyers in Israel. As part of the job, the legal assistant assists the judges, by, among other things, conducting legal research, writing legal opinions, writing drafts for the decisions and judgments of the judges and assisting in the professional guidance of the interns. The position is considered a “springboard” for judicial positions and other senior positions in both the public and private sectors.
Ono is proud of its two ultra-Orthodox graduates who alone among graduates of Israeli colleges, were selected to serve as Supreme Court Legal Clerks.
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