SportOno, the unit at Ono Academic College which engages in Sports Programming has released a new podcast addressing whether it is possible to lower fat percentage in a specific area of the body.  The podcast reviews an article published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness by Dr. Eric Helms in 2017. 

In recent years, the common belief among athletic trainers is that in order to burn fat effectively you should focus on cardiovascular exercise and proper nutrition. The idea of ​​engaging in training focused on a particular area was abandoned after many studies had shown that it is no more effective than cardiovascular exercise.

Dr. Helms’ study provided some evidence that, contrary to popular opinion, and unlike what was found in previous studies, targeted resistance training actually does reduce fat in a specific bodily area. The study raises the possibility that fat burning is indeed possible, but in order to get a clearer picture, more research needs to be done, especially studies which compare the costs and benefits of different types of exercise.

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