Should the Un-vaccinated be Boycotted?

Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Ono Academic College’s Dean of the Multicultural Campuses in Jerusalem, and Prof. Talya Miron-Shatz – Head of the Institute for Medical Decision Research in Ono’s Department of Business Administration weighed in on this sensitive question in an interview on Kan Bet Radio’s “Agenda” Program.
Prof. Elbashan began by critiquing the Ministry of Health’s mercurial decisions to change of COVID 19 policies. He said that from a legal, constitutional, ethical and moral perspective it is very problematic to “embitter” the lives of the unvaccinated who have made a legal choice regarding how they want to live their own lives. The government is not allowed to infringe on a legal right of a citizen.
Prof. Miron-Shatz disagreed strongly saying that this is a matter of a disease which has killed many people and the government has a duty to protect its citizens’ lives and prevent the collapse of the country’s medical system.
To listen to the full debate: