Retired Police Deputy Commissioner and Ono Scholar Gratified that Government is Taking Personal Security Seriously

Retired Police Superintendent Alon Lev Avi, who served Deputy Commissioner, Head of Operations, and currently is a lecturer at Ono Academic College. He was recently interviewed on the Middle of the Road Radio network’s “Diary 90” news program. Lev Avi currently serves as director of the National and Organizational Resilience MBA specialization at Ono.
During the interview, Lev Avi responded to the government’s new program to increase the size of the police and other security forces in order to better protect the population. Prime Minister Lapid had noted that “We are going to place the personal security of the citizens of Israel in the order of national priorities.”
Lev Ari was gratified that the government was taking the issue seriously and proposing concrete steps to address the problem. He stressed that personal security is more than just policing. It is also the prison service, local authorities, medical services, etc. National resilience is comprised of both military power but also the ability to deal with internal threats like crime.
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