Ono’s Ethiopian Center Advances Dozens of Projects

Ono Academic College’s International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry recently published a list of its ongoing projects for the months of October and November 2022.  The list includes dozens of important initiatives that promote the study and well being of Israel’s Ethiopian Jews including:

  • Lecture to the Ahdut NGO in Nes Ziona on the topic of 30 years of Operation Solomon which brought thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel
  • Lecture and talk with the Jewish community in Boston at the invitation of Rabbi Allison Poirier in honor of the Sigd Holiday
  • Collaborative Research with the Institute of Sociology at the University of Frankfurt
  • Creation of a Photographic Exhibit about the Ethiopian community that will be displayed at the International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry on Ono’s Campus.
  • Workshop with the Avnei Rosha organization and the Ministry of Education for school principals
  • Lecture and conversation with nurses at Ichilov Hospital in cooperation with the Edi organization (which coordinates organ donation around the country) on how the traditions and values of Ethiopians interact with the issue of organ donation
  • Meeting with Officer Aryeh Doron, head of the unit of the Israel Police, entrusted with healing the relationship between the police and the Ethiopian community regarding the creation of a program to improve relations.
  • Traditions Conference at the Ben Zvi Institute at which Center Director Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom gave a lecture on the traditions of Ethiopian Jewry
  • Meeting with the Board of the Keshet Journal about the upcoming issue focusing on Ethiopian Jewry
  • Meeting with the Shazar Center about our upcoming joint conference taking place at Ono Academic College on 10 February 2022
  • Initial meeting with the SEFARIA organization for the purpose of creating collaboration and integration of the scriptures of Ethiopian Jewry in their virtual library.
  • Meetings with the Jewish communities of New York and Philadelphia – on behalf of the Jewish Agency regarding the Sigd holiday values
  • Meetings with Police officers in the Kiryat Gat community police department about the Sigd Holiday
  • Pre Sigd holiday hike – in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, intended for lecturers from Ono Academic College.  The event recreated how the Jews of Ethiopia celebrated the Sigd holiday
  • Academic Panel on the Sigd holiday hosted by Carlton University of Canada
  • Sigd Event in Cooperation with the Intel Corporation.