Ono Therapeutic Instructor’s New Book Answers the Question, “How Do You Text Longing?”


Dr. Daphna Liber, a veteran expressive arts therapist, organizational consultant, psychotherapist and director of the B.A. Program in Behavioral Sciences at Ono Academic College has recently released a book entitled, “How Do You Text Longing?: Moments of Humanity from the Digital Clinic”.

Liber was interviewed on Kan Bet Radio’s “Agenda” Program. She described her history pioneering teletherapy that begin well before the COVID 19 epidemic and led to the publication of her book.  She noted that on the one hand, technology will always be with us and we cannot ignore it. On the other hand integrating technology into therapy introduces new elements that need to be considered. On aspect of this phenomenon is the difficulty in controlling the therapeutic setting when treatment takes place over zoom.  Liber noted that the digital age has created a whole new book of rules regarding our mental health.  She gave a few tips about how to navigate one’s childrens’ use of the internet and the amount of their screen time. More importantly than the time spent on line is what children view when they are online.  For instance, educational podcasts are much better than certain other offerings.

In closing Liber was asked if it is acceptable to get mental health counseling over the internet.  She noted it was a complicated question but if the therapist is good, then it’s possible.

The complete interview can be heard at: https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radio/2023/02/05/11959963.mp3