Lt. Colonel “A”, Credit: Israel Hayom

Lt. Colonel A. (his full name is not allowed to be published because it is classified by the military) was recently chosen to found the IDF’s newest elite force —the “Ghost Multidimensional Unit” which combines the legendary “Duvdevan (Cherry)” counterterrorism unit [featured in the Fauda series] with elements of the infantry, armor, engineering, intelligence, air force and technology in one unit. The “Ghost” fighters are intended to serve as a “laboratory” for the development of new weapons, tactics and countermeasures.  He and the “Ghost” unit were profiled in an article in Israel Today by military correspondent, Yoav Limor.

Since the founding of the “Ghost” Multidimensional Unit, its commander has been Lt. Col. A., who has received unanimous praise throughout his career.  He is 39 years old, married and a father of three.  Lt. Col. A. was born in Kiryat Gat and currently lives in Rehovot. In 1999, he enlisted in the Paratroop brigade and served in Southern Lebanon just before the IDF’s withdrawal. Lt. Col. A served as the commander of the 101st Battalion during Operation Defensive Wall, then as an officer in the operations division of the “Duvdevan (Cherry)” counterterrorism unit. 

After returning from a six-month trek to Central and South America, Lt. Col. A. studied Business Administration and then returned to command the Paratroop Brigade’s Recon Unit. He continued up the chain of command serving as the commander of the 202nd Paratroop Battalion and then as commander of Duvdevan.

Lt. Col. A. took a leave to study for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Ono Academic College. However, after only four month’s of study, IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. General Aviv Cochavi asked him to found the “Ghost” Unit.  Lt. Col. A. finished his studies at Ono through on-line and correspondence learning.  In the coming days, he will be promoted to the rank of Colonel, in order to serve as the “Ghost” unit’s commander.

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