Linoy Ashram, who studies at Ono Academic College, won the rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  She became the first Israeli female athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

Speaking to Israeli TV Channel 12, Ashram said, “I still haven’t processed.  I’m still in shock over what happened and what I’ve achieved .  .  . I have no words. It’s such an exciting, fun experience.”

President Isaac Herzog congratulated Ashram saying she “was a tremendous pride to the whole country. . . When we saw the tears flowing from your eyes, the Israeli flag being raised, ‘Hatikva’ being played and the gold medal on your neck — we were excited to the point of tears.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tweeted congratulations saying Ashram is “a symbol of effort and hard work. . . Linoy, you are a champion! Hatikva was played once again today at the Tokyo Olympics, and the heart was once again filled with pride.”

Ashram’s sent a message to future Israeli athlete, saying they shoul, “keep dreaming their dreams, not give up, and surround themselves with people who support them and help them.”

Credit: AP/Ashley Landis