Ono Security Expert Discusses Response to Synagogue Terrorist Massacres

Retired Police Superintendent Alon Lev Avi, who served as Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations in the Israel Police, is currently the director of the National and Organizational Resilience MBA specialization at Ono Academic College.  He was recently interviewed on the Kol Berama network’s “One in the Afternoon” news program about the two recent terror attacks on Jews leaving synagogue after prayers in Jerusalem.  The attacks killed 7 and left 5 wounded.

During the interview, Lev Avi discussed a variety of issues related to the attacks. He noted that in his 26 years of police work he has encountered traumatic events, and these attacks, which took place on International Holocaust Memorial Day, were particularly painful.  Lev Avi responded to the claim that the police response to the killings took too long saying that according to police data, officers arrived at the scene of the attack about 5 minutes after the incident began. He noted from personal experience that when one is under fire, seconds feel like minutes. 

One of the proposals raised following the attack was expanding the criteria for granting personal weapon licenses to citizens, in order to defend themselves against terror attacks.  He noted the need to protect the public versus the danger of having many untrained shooters on the streets.  Lev Avi believed that it is possible for the Ministry of Internal Security to construct appropriate criteria that will balance these factors.

Lev Avi concluded by discussing the remarkable resilience demonstrated by the Neve Yaakov community in the face of the devastating terror attack suffered.

To listen to the full interview, click here https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radio/2023/01/29/11945635.mp3