Prof. Dalia Merari and Prof. Tami Yaguri recently published “Art Therapy Education: Teaching, Training, and Research” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). This volume of essays offers an innovative research approach to the discipline that examines different art therapy teaching and training practices, and studies them holistically. The starting point of the study is that while the profession has its pride of place in the universe of psychological counseling, art and artmaking are at the basis of art therapy as a healing practice. Teachers of art therapy emphasize the role of the creative process and the symbolic use of materials in the training of art therapy students.

The contributing authors, who teach at Ono Academic College’s School of Society and the Arts, include:

•             Dr. Hilla Haelyon

•             Dr. Rachel Hillel-Avraham 

•             Dr. Daphna Liber 

•             Janice Shapiro

•             Dr. Elana Lakh  

•             Prof. Amia Lieblich 

•             Dr. Michal Lev

•             Aya Kats

•             Gili Navoth 

•             Dr. Tsiky Cohen 

•             Dr. Hilda Wengrower

•             Dr. Debra Kalmanowitz

•             Yonathan Schur

•             Lior Schur 

•             Reuma Weinberg

•             Ronit Amir 

•             Dr. Liat Shamri-Zeevi

•             Anat Gilad 

•             Noga Ariel

•             Shevy Medzini  

•             Dr. Sharon Vaisvaser

Vivien Marcow Speiser, Professor Emerita, Lesley University, USA describes the book as “a welcome addition to the art therapy field.”  Dr. Jordan S. Potash, Associate Professor of Art Therapy at George Washington University praises the contribution of this volume saying it “consolidates a range of experiences that formulate an approach to creative arts therapy education that is truly arts-based and discipline-specific.” 

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