Dr. Eyal Rechter and Dr. Gil Avnimelech of Ono Academic College were confident that they were doing research on acceleration programs in Israel, but as the results began to flow in, they found they had first-of-its-kind information on women entrepreneurship. Israel’s premier business journal, The Marker, reports that Rechter and Avnimelech were studying the general relationship between mentors and entrepreneurs.  However, as they began to map the data they collected on their academic graduates, they encountered an interesting phenomenon. They noted, “We knew that in general, the numbers of women in technological entrepreneurship were low–between 7% and 9%.  However, we identified a trend that in certain business accelerators, women make up between ten and sixty percent.”

The full article can be found at https://www.themarker.com/technation/.premium-1.8945532

Dr. Gil Avnimelech