Ono Scholar Discusses Ramifications of The Passing of ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

Ono Academic College lecturer and Head of the Policy Institute of the Jewish People, Dr. Haim Zicherman, was interviewed on Army Radio’s (Galei Zaha”l’s) morning news show with Tali Moreno and Sefi Ovadia.  Among other topics, Dr. Zicherman noted that as opposed to Hasidic ultra-Orthodox dynasties, leaders of Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox dynasties, of which the late Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky was one, are appointed based on their strengths and abilities. 

Dr. Zicherman discussed the legacy of Rabbi Kanievsky and the new directions that he took  Lithuanian ultra-Orthodoxy, in contrast to his predecessor, Rabbi Steinman who died in 2017.

To listen to the complete interview, click https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radio/2022/03/20/11310336.mp3