Ono Scholar Addresses Implications for Israel of the Recent Middle East Earthquakes


Nurit Dabush, former chairman of Israel’s Second Televsion Authority, and the head of Ono Academic College’s unique program in National and Organizational Resilience, was interviewed on Radio Jerusalem’s Current Events Program “Morning Diary”.  Dabush was asked to address how the recent Middle Eastern earthquakes, that caused thousands of deaths and casualties in Israel’s neighbors, Syria and Turkey.

Dabush noted that in Israel, the number of buildings in danger of collapse during a similar sized earthquake with a closer epicenter could be between hundreds of thousands to one million. She said that buildings in some areas of the country have been strengthened and provided with earthquake resistant structures as part of a program called “Tama” in which contractors partner with the government to repair and reconstruct old buildings in danger of collapse during earthquakes. However, Dabush also noted that in many other areas of the country there are no economic incentives for reinforcing the buildings and that this is a danger that the government comptroller should address.

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