Ono Professor Interviewed on Knesset TV about Controversial “Override Clause”

Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Dean of the Jerusalem Multicultural Campuses at Ono Academic College was interviewed on Israel’s Knesset TV Channel’s “Writer’s Room” broadcast to discuss the controversial “Override Clause” that the new government wishes to legislate that would limit the scope of Israel’s Supreme Court. 

Currently, Israel’s Supreme Court has the authority to repeal legislation that its members view as is in violation of Israel’s Basic Laws and its human and civil rights protections. The Court can also reverse governmental and administrative decisions that it finds violating the Basic Laws.

The new government’s component parties have expressed an interest in limiting the Supreme Court’s authority in this field. They believe that the Knesset needs to pass an “Override Clause” that will ensure that the will of the majority, as reflected in the laws passed in Knesset is enforced.  Opponents of the “Override Clause” contend that doing so would trample on the rights of minorities. 

Dozens of jurists recently published a petition against the government’s to enact an “Override Clause”. 

Knesset TV broadcast a short video made by some of Israel’s top legal analysts including Prof. Yaniv Roznai. Dr. Adam Shanar. Dr. Tamar Hostovsky Brands, that expresses their opposition to the law. Ono scholar Prof. Yuval Elbashan responded to the video, and the issue in general.  He noted that video delegitimized the views of other jurists who have other opinions about this proposed law.

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