Ono Professor Appointed Director General of Israel’s National Insurance Institute

Minister of Welfare Meir Cohen from the Yesh Atid party has appointed Ono Academic College Professor Yuval Elbashan to serve as Director General of Israel’s National Insurance Institute.
As noted in an article about the appointment in the Jerusalem Post (https://www.jpost.com/opinion/article-705798 ), Elbashan is:
“A staunch on- and off-air defender[] of social rights. . . .A lawyer by profession, a novelist and an author of children’s books, Elbashan, who is a former dean of Ono Academic College’s School of Law, sits on various think tanks and social rights committees, has won many prestigious awards and is also a broadcaster, having worked for several years for Army Radio and currently for KAN Reshet Bet, most notably cohosting a Friday morning show with right-wing religious journalist Emily Amrousi. Elbashan is left-wing and secular, and the two have many arguments on air, enabling listeners to make up their own minds after hearing both points of view.
Ono wishes Prof. Elbashan the best of luck in his new position.