Ono Prof. Says Look Out for the Economy in 2023

In an interview with renowned journalist, Reno Tzror on Israel Army Radio’s Galei Tzahal Ono Professor Yaron Zelekha discussed foreseeable economic difficulties coming up in 2023.  Prof. Zelekha is President of Ono Academic College’s Higher Academic Council and Director of Accountancy Studies. 

Zelekha noted that the economic forecasts for 2023 predict a particularly difficult year both in Israel and in the world. He believes that raising the interest rate is the least suitable remedy for the kind of inflation we have in Israel. However, not having other options, the governor of the Bank of Israel was forced to employ it. Zelekha also discussed the return of monopolies in the coming year.

To listen to the whole interview, click here: https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radio/2023/01/08/11900816.mp3