Ono Prof. Addresses Remarks of Shabak Chief About Israel’s National Resilience

Nurit Dabush, former chairman of Israel’s Second Televsion Authority, and the head of Ono Academic College’s unique program in National and Organizational Resilience, was interviewed on Non Stop Radio’s Current Events Program hosted by Yinon Magal and Ben Caspit.  Dabush was asked to address the remarks made by Ronen Bar, chief of the Israel Security Service (Shabak/Shin Bet) regarding Israel’s national and internal resilience. She came to the conclusion that the State of Israel must change its security paradigm, in light of the fact that the country is heading for a crisis of reality and it is worth building long-term systems so that the country will have enough resilience to deal with it.

To listen the interview, click here: https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radio/2022/09/12/11676013.mp3

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