Ono Opens New MA Music Therapy Program

Ono Academic College, the School of Society and the Arts and the School of Music are happy to inform you about the opening of registration for a new academic program:

M.A. in the Arts Therapies – Music Therapy

Program Director: Dr. Gabi Frank

The studies will begin on 13 February 2023 at the Kiryat Ono Campus

Come and learn, from the country’s best lecturers, a therapeutic profession that makes use of the healing powers of music.  The field combines music with the tools of psychology and psychotherapy, for the purpose of helping children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, who are dealing with communication, behavioral, emotional, fine/gross motor, and cognitive difficulties.

The program includes advanced guided field work with an emphasis on music therapy in the health and educational systems, in all public frameworks and in private clinics.

The Council of Higher Education has approved the publication of the program and the registration of new students. The awarding of the degree is subject to its approval.

Additional programs in the field of Arts Therapies include: Psychodrama, Dance and Movement, Visual Arts

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