The event, featuring Prof. Hedva Braunstein-Berkowitz, an expert in the field of occupational counseling, and Efrat Agmon, an occupational psychologist, will shed light on current research and recommendations for implementation.

About a year ago, a growing trend began, of families with a dual career, in which both spouses take care of the household. This process has led to significant changes in the work-family interface and has become a very central space in the fabric of adult lives.

The need to balance the performance of tasks in the field of work and commitments in the field of family and home can be nourishing and fruitful, but often also provokes conflict due to the expectations of meeting the diverse tasks in different areas of life. A significant body of knowledge shows that this conflict is accompanied by chronic stress, a high level of burnout, and damage to mental well-being. Hence, much importance in developing adaptive coping strategies with this situation, especially in crisis periods such as the corona plague.

The lecture will briefly present the following topics:

  • Characteristics of the conflict, its origins and gender differences
  • Resource coping resources and strategies – theory and research
  • Preliminary findings regarding the impact of the epidemic on the career-family interface
  • Implications of the Corona Period on the Workplace Interface, Demonstrations from the Clinic and Tips for Effective Coping

Efrat Agmon, one of the two presenters, is an expert occupational psychologist and organizational consultant.  Formerly, she was Director of the Diagnosis Division at the Adam-Mila Institute. Today, she accompanies organization managers and runs a private clinic for mid-life career counseling and mentor management.  She is a lecturer for a bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Ono Academic College specializing in counseling and organization management (emotional intelligence in the world of work, managerial counseling, interview art, career counseling and more).

The activity is funded by the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption – the Center for Absorption in Science and the Business Entrepreneurship Division.

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