Dr. Talia Meron-Schatz, Director of the Institute for Medical Decision Making at the Faculty of Business Administration at Ono Academic College, penned an article in Israel’s premier business journal, The Marker, exploring how to make sound medical decisions in general, and particularly in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic, based on a rigorous analysis of the available data.

For nearly two decades, Meron-Schatz has studied medical decision making, focusing on evidence-based medicine, that is, making decisions based on accumulated knowledge and data, and not relying solely on the knowledge or experience of any one physician.  At the beginning of the Corona epidemic, she was one of the first authorities to call for Israelis returning from abroad to be isolated.

In this article, Meron-Schatz shares her concern that recent decisions about the Corona epidemic are being made without reference to the accumulated data, and therefore are becoming less and less informed. Among other suggestions, she advocates that differential policies be applied to regions with different infection rates, populations, distancing behaviors, and levels of adherence to procedures.  As a rule, Dr. Meron-Schatz argues that policies need to conform to the conclusions arrived at based on a scientific analysis of the available data.