Ono Faculty Awarded Business Administration Research Grant on Telemedicine

Ono Academic College congratulates its instructors, Prof. Tzipi Heart, Prof. Ofir Ben-Assuli and Dr. Moti Amar in collaboration with doctors from the Meuheded HMO and a researcher from the Technological Institute in Holon for winning a research grant from the Health Services Research Institute in the amount of 156,000 NIS.

Prof. Tsipi Heart is Head of the School of Science and Technology. Prof. Ofir Ben-Assuli is Associate Dean for Research and a Lecturer in the Cyber Security and Forensics Program. Dr. Moti Amar is the Academic Director of the Behavioral Laboratory and member of the Research Committee, Faculty of Business Administration

The subject of their research is “”TYTO or not? Therapists’ perceptions regarding the use of ‘clinical’ telemedicine sessions in general, and the use of TYTO in particular, as a substitute for a physical examination”.

Faculty researchers at Ono’s School of Business have already won a significant number of grants from this prestigious research fund that encourages academic research with application to the medical system in Israel.