Ono Academic College’s CEO and founder, Ranan Hartman, was recently interviewed by Elliott Gotkine, Bloomberg Television’s former editor. Among other topics, they covered the issue of Ono’s Israeli Palestinian Arab students and how he believes that Judaism requires Israelis to make them feel equal here.

Ranan Hartman said that Judaism and pluralism coexist and that’s why he needs to work hard to ensure that Israeli Palestinian Arab students feel at home at Ono. This includes providing these students with the ability to work and make a good living, proudly supporting their families, and proud to be Israelis. 

Hartman noted that the task is complex and that with every war, the job gets harder. However, he said, at Ono, we don’t give up. We look clearly at the future and believe we can create a multicultural society in which each group lives proudly in their own communities but also knows that the next chapter in their stories will be a joint chapter written together.