Ono Celebrates 10 Years of “Roim Rachok” –

A Program Helping Autistic People Succeed in the IDF and in Life

Ten years ago, Ono Academic College founded the “Roim Rachok” (Looking Ahead) program, whose goal is to help people on the autism spectrum integrate into required professions in the IDF and the civilian market. 

To celebrate this marvelous milestone, Ono hosted a program participant reunion hosted by Major General Aharon Haliva, who commands the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate. 

Ono is proud of the program’s hundreds of graduates who have performed meaningful service as soldiers in the IDF or worked in important positions in the civilian market, in the framework of the program.

The program included reunions of all program’s graduating classes as well as an emotional ceremony featuring the participation of the program’s counselors, soldiers, commanders, workers and graduates.