The new book by Ono Prof. Amichai Cohen examines both the successes of Israel’s Supreme Court – as well as its mistakes. According to the review on the Nuritha site, the book not only proposes reforms, it tells a fascinating story about an institution that stands at the heart of controversy.

Cohen dives deep, into the foundations of this controversy. He captures the big and small details that are sometimes swallowed up by the loud background noises. Cohen describes appeals to the High Court in the 1950s and continues to the petitions against the unity government submitted in 2020 dealing with the IDF, the rights of the Palestinians in the territories and the State’s treatment of asylum seekers.

The Supreme Court Wars is a serious book in an age of superficiality. It is a moderate book in an age of strife. It is a must-read book for those who want to have a serious discussion about the character of the State of Israel, and not settle for slogans.

Prof. Amichai Cohen is a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute and a member of the Faculty of Law at the Ono Academic Campus. Holds a law degree from Yale University School of Law. His academic research deals with constitutional law, Israel’s national security law and international law. His book Shooters and Judges – Security and Law in Israel (co-authored with Stuart Cohen) was published in 2014 (Yedioth Books and Ono Academic Campus).

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Prof. Amichai Cohen