Happy International Data Protection Day/ International Privacy Protection Day!

In January, Ono marked International Privacy Protection Day.
International Data Protection Day (or as it is known in Europe, “Data Protection Day”) falls on January 28 every year. It is an internationally celebrated date in many countries around the world including, the United States, Canada, Israel, India and 47 countries in Europe.
The purpose of the day is to raise awareness and promote the protection of the right to privacy and personal information in the digital space.
This is a good opportunity to remind you of the rules of thumb for maintaining privacy, how to talk to children about the issue of digital privacy, looking at the new lessons promulgated by Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority, and more.
One example of digital privacy protection in Israel is “Pratiyul” (https://content.justice.gov.il/Guides/Privacy/Pratiyul/#/) which is an interactive tutorial tailored for teens, parents and education staff and includes information, tips and tools for maintaining privacy online. In the transitions between the sections of the interactive tutorial, the Privacy Protection Authority invites the youth to acquire tools for better control over their personal information on the network.
Another good source is “The Right to Privacy Guide – “Your Privacy. Your Right” found at https://www.gov.il/BlobFolder/generalpage/1files/he/your privacy – your right.pdf Here you can learn about the Privacy Protection (Information Security) Regulations that define the level of information security required of everyone in the Israeli economy, both public and private, who manages or processes digital personal information about people and establishes mechanisms designed to make information security part of the organization’s management routine. The purpose of the regulations is to increase and strengthen the protection of the personal information of each and every one of us, through clear information security requirements that bodies and organizations must meet, depending on the sensitivity and scope of the personal information managed or held by them.
To begin an online tutorial and become familiar with the privacy protection regulations (information security) and the obligations that apply to database owners / administrators and database owners, click here