Ono Academic College is proud to announce the opening of a new Masters Degree in Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications

For years the world has been going through a major digital transformation. Covid 19 has just acted to accelerate this process.

Employers are looking for people who know how to manage a digital array from a business perspective, those who really understand how to manage a digital system from a business perspective. I see many among those looking for employment who encounter a dead end when they find themselves with a gap in the new world of technology.

Until now there has not been a concentrated academic degree that, in the end, amasses all the new tools that are in the seam between business, technology, marketing and communications – a set of tools, that is very focused on moving ahead and developing in this field.

The master’s degree in Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications includes the need for focus for people in this field, who understand how to develop marketing, digital and business strategy, how to gather information about their customers using advanced methods, how to correctly make use of advanced technological tools available to digital marketing and how, in the end, to manage this digital marketing array from a business perspective. Whoever studies the specialization in Strategy and Digital Transformation are really the people who are doing business in this new world that links between marketing, branding and technology, BI, AI, Gamification and machine learning. There are those that choose digital marketing communication who want to dive deep into the digital world. There are also those that, of course, are more interested in classic advertising and the subjects of spokesmanship, public relations, publicity and the like. The degree studies are only one year. During this year you will be exposed to the large variety that we offer. You will meet people, experience interaction with each other and with the faculty. The degree is set up for working people. We know most of you are already have careers and are working and therefore studies are carried out during afternoon hours once a week and Friday mornings.   

The purpose of the degree is to provide practical and comprehensive up-to-date academic knowledge that will enable the building of an effective digital strategy and the development of capabilities in the fields of branding, advertising, marketing, PR and more. Digital campaigns, social media management, community management, data analysis and mining, marketing management and brand management, advertising and marketing communication management, spokespersons and public relations, crisis management, integration in startups (start-ups) and more. Dr. Michal Shapira, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Head of the Department of Advertising and Marketing Communications heads the degree program.

The degree offers the possibility to choose between two specializations:

Specialization in strategy and digital transformation – designed to prepare graduates for positions that link marketing and technology. Among the courses: Introduction to Cyber ​​Defense, Strategy and Data in the Organization, Community Management, Introduction to Big Data, Gaming, AI in the Big Data Age, Communication and Culture, Machine Learning and Business Analytics and more.

Specialization in marketing communications – designed to prepare graduates for positions in the fields of advertising, marketing, spokesperson and public relations, crisis management and more. Among the courses: Strategy Workshop and Start-up Establishment, Campaign Management Workshop, Public Relations Strategy and Crisis Management, Creativity in Business Administration, Brand Management and more.

Students in both specializations will take courses in management, strategy and marketing management, business negotiation management, game theory and marketing strategy, organizational change management, public and corporate governance, communication and advertising management in the digital age, new product development and more.

Employment objectives: Graduates will be able to join a number of key positions in organizations upon completion of the degree:

  • In positions of managing the field of digital and digital transformation – CDO – Chief Digital Officer, digital campaign management, social media management, community management, data analysis and mining, and leading digital transformation processes.
  • In digital consulting companies, strategic consulting companies, advertising agencies and media companies.
  • In advertising agencies in budget management positions (budgeting), digital, media planning and research and strategic planning.
  • In companies and organizations that advertise in marketing management positions, advertising management and other positions that require understanding in the areas of communications.
  • In start-up companies.
  • In the areas of branding, spokesmanship and public relations.
  • In companies engaged in the fields of digital and interactive communication.

“True technological innovation creates added value through solutions for overt or covert needs. It can influence behavior, direct it and in doing so facilitate actions, save time, and give value. The new technological tools create solutions and opportunities to pinpoint messages and give personal value to consumers.”

The full description can be found at: https://www.ono.ac.il/curriculum/digital-strategy-and-marketing-communications-ma/