Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom

Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, the Director of the International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry at Ono Academic College, took part in a film discussing the establishment of a new Center for Jewish pluralism and renewal in Tel Aviv called “Hamakom/The Place”.  In the movie, 50 Israeli public intellectuals and celebrities discussed the importance of pluralism and renewal in Judaism.  Rabbi Sharon noted:

  • What characterizes the Jewish People, in the sense of what brought us, indeed, to grand accomplishments, is that they knew to take their moments of crisis and turn them into re-growth opportunities. (8:22)
  • Those who are familiar with Jewish history throughout the generations understand that any attempt to create something consistent has brought destruction upon us. Any attempt to pretended as if there is only one truth, delivered ruin and baseless hatred. (24:28)
  • It is the first time in Jewish history that two modes of Judaism meet [the Ethiopian and the Rabbinic], two different perceptions of Judaism. This is grand, precisely because I am exposing the differences between this community and the Rabbinic world. I am exposing the fact that there is something unique. There is something that is particular. There is a special voice that the Ethiopian tradition brings to the land of Israel. (26:04)

Other celebrities who discussed their impressions of Jerusalem in the film include: Michal Gera Margaliot, Director of the Israel Women’s Network, Rabbi David Stav, Chairman of the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization, Prof. Eva Illouz, of the Hebrew University, Rino Tzror, Journalist and Filmmaker, Yaron London, Journalist, Prof. Fania Oz-Salzburger, of Haifa University, Prof. Sergio Della Pergolla, of the Hebrew University, Eli Paley of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs, Dan Meridor, former MK and Statesman, Rabbi Dr. Binyamin Lau, head of the 929 initiative, Dr. Einat Wolf, former MK and Author, Emily Amrusi, Journalist and Writer, Gil Schwed, Founder and CEO of Checkpoint, Prof. Israel Aumann, Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics, Dr. Ruth Calderon, Founder of the “Alma” home of Jewish Culture, and many others.  

The full video can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB2kxdUTh-c