Channel 12 Found Pharmacies Sometimes Charge Double in Stores What They Charge Online, Ono Prof. Explains

Michal Shapira

Dr. Michal Shapira, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Head of the Department of Advertising and Marketing Communications was interviewed on News Channel 12’s “Savings Plan” segment on the nightly news.  Channel 12 had done a price comparison of the products sold by the main pharmaceutical chains comparing prices charged in store versus prices charged online.  They looked a variety of products including: Shiseido beauty cream, Mustela suntan lotion and, an Oral B electric toothbrush.  The Channel 12 report found that some products cost double in store compared to buying at the same corporation’s website. In general, there was a savings to buying online, though a few products were found to be cheaper in store.

Dr. Michal Shapira noted that research has shown that in the past, the consumer model was to go online to decide what product to buy, and then to verify the product in store, where the purchase is eventually made. She noted that the pricing structure of the pharmaceutical chains is likely to reverse the process whereby consumers will go into the store to investigate the products but eventually purchase them online, where they are cheaper.

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