UltraOrthodox Campus of Ono Academic College

The business journal of Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox community, Business, reports that of the more than 2,000 graduates of Ultra-Orthodox secondary schools who continued on to higher education, 35% chose to study at Ono Academic College. Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics found that Ultra-Orthodox students who matriculated to Bachelor’s Degree studies chose Ono by a large margin over every other educational institution in Israel.  Only 19% of Ultra-Orthodox students pursued their first degree at all of Israel’s universities combined. While many non-traditional learners choose to study at Israel’s Open University, this option was not attractive to Ultra-Orthodox students and only 10% matriculated there.  The full article can be found at https://bizzness.net/כ-18-מהחרדים-המשיכו-ללימודי-תואר-ראשון/