Ono Academic College is hosting the launch event for Rabbi Dr. Rafi Feuerstein’s new book “The Father of Human Potential” published by Yediot.  The book describes the life and creative output of his father, the famed Israeli psychologist, Prof. Reuven Feuerstein known for his theory of human potential and intelligence which states “it is not fixed, and instead, modifiable”.

In addition to the author, participants include:

  • Shira Yalon Haimovich, Ono’s Dean of Students
  • Naomi Hadas Lidor, Director of the National School for Rehabilitation
  • Tal Bergman, Head of the Mental Health Branch of Israel’s Ministry of Health

For more information click: https://yedion.ono.ac.il/yedion/FireflyWeb.aspx?prgname=PayingForItems&arguments=-N,-N,-N878,-N8116

The Father of Human Potential