Dr. Racheli Hillel Avraham

Anyone who works in the academic community knows that every day is “diversity day.”

As a representative in the academic branch of the organization “Israeli Hope” founded by President Reuven Rivlin, my job is easy: on every issue we deal with, whenever I engage in academic roundtables, decision-making, brainstorming sessions, etc. I am sure to be surrounded by representatives of a wide range of cultural groups that make up Israeli society. The diversity is inherent and their voices and importance are equal. It’s complex – but the process promotes quality.

As director of Ono Academic College’s BA degree in Education and Society, I strive to prove that there is no dichotomy between excellence and accessibility which is a covert conception that still exists in academia.

As a lecturer in classrooms, I see how diversity emerges from the voices of the students.  The minority voices are addressed and welcomed.  While the debate is sometimes painful and challenging, it is worth it.

As a woman who came from a community which was seen as “other”, I made sure that my voice was heard. Today, I have the privilege of working to make room for more and more voices and have the motivation to make sure this happens.