Professor Yuval Elbashan

For the last few years, Professor Yuval Elbashan, Dean of the Law School, at Ono Academic College, invites students from Ono’s ultra-Orthodox campus in Jerusalem to his office every week. They are encouraged to browse his library and borrow books to read.  The deal is that in return, he will study books from the classic religious Jewish bookshelf. 

This story was reported by “Hamatzav” press outlet in the context of the release of Prof. Elbashan’s new suspense novel, “The Final Appeal” written together with Liad Shoham.  The book, which is set in Israel’s Supreme Court, reveals the secrets, intrigues and conspiracies that take place in this hallowed hall of justice. Elbashan was surprised to find out that copies of his book were snatched up by his ultra-Orthodox students.  One of the students told him, “We pass the book around one to another. From your book we learned something that we weren’t exposed to in our college courses: what happens behind the scenes of the Israeli justice system.”