During her military services, Hila Izon contracted leukemia.  She learned that as a result of her treatment, she would never become pregnant.  However, Izon recovered, got an education (she is a graduate of Ono Academic College’s Master Degree program in Organizational Consulting for Educational Institutions) and adopted two children. Today she teaches at-risk girls how to rewrite the story of their lives, for therapeutic purposes, just as she did.

Providing a personal example of how to re-write the story of your life, Izon says, “When I realized I could not get pregnant, I decided that there would be a family anyway.”

Izon notes that her approach is not the same as Bibliotherapy. “It’s something completely different. Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic field that uses external content from the literature for therapy. That’s not what I do. I accompany the girls in their writing and direct them to proper writing. Through this, they go through an empowerment and strengthening process. I have a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in organizational consulting. The workshop is based on the positive psychology which I studied.”

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Hila Yigal Izon credit: ynet