Revital Steiner

Legal Scholar

Affiliation: LLB Law


Adv. Revital Steiner graduated from Ono Academic College with a Bachelor of Law degree. She went on to receive a Master of Law degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. In parallel to her studies at Ono, Steiner served as a Research Assistant to Prof. Gil Siegel at the Center for Medical Law, Ethics and Health. She is currently a Research Associate at the Center.

In addition, she was active in international academic seminars on behalf of the Eliyahu Institute of Technology (then called the Shalom Institute for Comparative Law) and provided legal services to Lenovo Israel LTD. Steiner completed her legal specialization at the Elrom, Rom, Salomon & Co. law firm in the fields of torts and medical negligence and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in January 2021.

Steiner is also qualified to mediate on behalf of the Israel Bar Association and is a member of the Israeli Chamber of Arbitrators. Currently, Steiner works as an American tax consultant in the international taxation department of the EY firm at the company’s offices in Tel Aviv.

Field of Excellence