Adv. Omri Ben Natan

Lawyer and National Wakeboard Champion

Affiliation: LLB Law


Omri Ben Natan is an Israeli lawyer and athlete. He competed in water skiing and wakeboard events and served as an Israeli national wakeboard team coach. In 2012, Ben Natan began coaching the Israeli national team at Wakeboard, under whose management she has won three World Championships and four European Championships [2] [3], and in 2015 even won the title of Coach of the Year [4]. In addition, he won a gold medal in water skiing at the United States Cable Water Skiing Championships held in Orlando, Florida. In 2004/2005, Ben Natan won a silver medal at the European Water Skiing Championships, and in 2007/2008, he won a bronze medal at the European Water Skiing Championships.

He also worked as a fashion model and appeared in the fashion show of the Castro House. After finishing Law School at Ono, Ben Natan worked for the SDB firm in the United States on US-based marketing projects and is currently the director of business development and sales at webiZ.

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