Ahuva Turgeman

CEO and owner of the BBB Hamburger Corporation

Affiliation: BA in Business Administration and Marketing


Ahuva Turgeman is the CEO and owner of the BBB Hamburger Corporation, including the “Moses” and “Burgerim” chains, some of the most popular fast food restaurants. The chain has over 100 branches and 4,000 employees and is valued at NIS 180-200 million, with a turnover of hundreds of millions of shekels annually.

Born to new immigrants from Marrakesh, Morocco, Turgeman started her restaurant career as the morning shift manager at the Yotvata restaurant chain. She soon progressed to the position of branch manager, and three years later was appointed the Purchasing Manager, then VP, and finally CEO of the chain.

In 2002, Turgeman left Yotvata. In 2005, she decided to open a cafe near her home, and in 2008, she was appointed CEO of the BBB chain and, after about a year, became a shareholder in the company. Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic in Israel, Turgeman has been associated with the struggle of restaurateurs and has been working to increase emergency grants to those in the field. Turgeman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Ono Academic College.

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