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Learning from His Father: What Can Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Learn from Ethiopian Jewry
Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, founder and director of Ono Academic College’s International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry, recently penned an article in the Israeli daily newspaper “Maariv” addressing the remarks of Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel.
Ono Hosts the Women in Tax IL Forum
Ono Academic College hosted the launch event of the Women in Tax IL Forum at the new Ono campus at Savyon Junction. This initiative brings together senior women in the field of taxation in Israel with women who represent the field’s next generation.
Ono, Sheba Hospital and the IDF Complete the First Cycle of the “My Healthy Brother” Program with 100% Success
In the project's framework, boys and girls, who before drafting into the IDF face obesity issues, accompanied by medical illness, that leads to their receiving an exemption from military service, participate in a lifestyle-based intervention program (diet and physical activity).
Ono’s Spring Semester Gets Off to a Great Start
We are grateful that we were able to open the Spring 2024 Semester largely with in-person classes taking place at our new campus at Savyon Junction.
Ono Academic “Beit Midrash” Considers the “Window Jew” and the “Shutter Jew”
In the most recent meeting of the College’s academic “Beit Midrash,” Jewish studies graduates explored Zimmerman’s article “Controversy as a Window”
Ono Congratulates its “Race Without Borders” Contestants
he race is sponsored by “Running Without Borders”, a non-profit organization that connects Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem through sports.
Preview of Philippe Z”L and Hilda Setton Park at Ono’s New Campus
Here is a short film that provides a glimpse of the Preview of Philippe Z”L and Hilda Setton Park is being built in front of the campus together with the Kiryat Ono Municipality.
“Opera in Swing”
On 20.3.24 Ono Academic College presents a colorful and immersive program with the Israeli-international soprano Einat Aronstein and Maestro Yaron Gottfried's jazz trio accompanied by the Israeli Symphony Orchestra of Rishon LeZion.
Ono Grad Named Chief Information Security Officer at Earnix
Earnix Ono Academic College is proud to announce that Daniel Shalom, who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, was appointed the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Earnix.
From Beit Jan with Love – A Tribute to the Children Hostages
Da’awa, a student in Ono Academic College’s Master’s Degree in Education with a Specialization In Early Childhood Education created a moving short film that yearns for the return of two of the youngest hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas and are being held in Gaza.
First Haredi Supreme Court Law Clerk, and Ono Graduate, Esti Ohana Profiled
Recently, one of Israel’s premier economic journals, Calcalist, published a profile of Esti Ohana, who graduated from Ono Academic College with a degree in law, and who has since had the distinction of being the first ultra Orthodox woman to clerk for Israel’s Supreme Court.
Ono Faculty Member Reflects on Israel’s October 7th Story at the Grammy’s
Adina Feldman, the Director of the Department of Vocal Performance at Ono Academic College’s School of Music, took part in the 2024 Grammy music awards in Hollywood in a professional capacity as a new member of the Recording Academy.
Ono Mourns the Fallen: Yossi Sharabi
Ono Academic College bows its head in sorrow over the murder of our graduate, Yossi Sharabi, of Kibbutz Be’eri, while in captivity. He was an Ono B.A. graduate in Advertising and Marketing. Ono embraces Yossi’s family, shares in the grief of the families of the fallen and the murdered, and wish for the speedy return of all the hostages.
Ono Scholar Interviewed by Ynet About South Africa vs Israel in the Hague – What Will Happen?
Ono Professor, Amichai Cohen, was interviewed for a recent article how the International Criminal Court of Justice (ICCJ) proceedings against Israel are likely to play out. Cohen holds a Ph.D. in Law from Yale University and is a researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute in addition to his post at Ono Academic College’s Law School.
Ono Scholar Presses to Give Voice to the Israeli Victims of the October 7th Attacks
Prof. Dana Pugach, director of the Noga Center for Crime Victims at Ono Academic College, noted, in her opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post, that while a debate is occurring in Israel about whether or not existing Israeli law is sufficient to prosecute the Hamas terrorists who committed the October 7th attacks, we must never lose sight of the terrorists’ victims.
Ono To Open Nursing Degree in Nazareth
Ono Academic College is opening a branch for nursing studies in the Northern Israeli city of Nazareth, in cooperation with the English Hospital in the city.
Ono Law School Class Representative and Major in the Reserves Sends Greetings from the Front
Maj. Atalia Menachem, in addition to her IDF reserve service during the “Iron Swords” War, is the class representative for her Law School Cohort at Ono Academic College.
Tal Asher, of Ono’s “Being a Student” Program. Tells of Her Experiences
Tal Asher, a 31 year old woman on the autistic spectrum, is part of Ono Academic College’s “Being a Student” program. She was given a platform by the “Shavim/We are Equal” website to discuss her experiences.
Ono Business School Program Director Sends a Dispatch from the Front
Dr. Ido Kallir, who teaches at Ono Academic College’s School of Business Administration, has been in reserve service for more than 50 days. He sent us this video from the field.
Ono Scholars Weigh in on the Long-Term Effects of the Gaza Conflict on Israel’s Children, Health, and Economy
Three scholars who teach at Ono Academic College were recently interviewed by the Jerusalem Post about the ways in which the war with Hamas is having long-term effects on Israel’s children, health, and economy.
Ono Students Get Engaged in a Very MDA (Israeli Red Cross) Ceremony
Ono Academic College wishes congratulations to Shira and Liav, two of our nursing students who recently got engaged.
IDF Deputy Division Commander and Ono Graduate Sends a Message from Israel’s Northern Border
Col. (Res.) Alon Mednes, the deputy commander of the Division and a Recipient of the General’s Medal of Valor for his conduct under fire, is a graduate of Ono Academic College’s L.L.B. degree and currently a student in a master’s degree program.
Ono War Hero Graduates in Special Ceremony Organized By Law School Deans
Israel Today published an article about a recent Ono graduate entitled, “A hero with a gown: the Deans surprised Police Superintendent “A” who was wounded in the Kfar Aza battle, and awarded him his law degree in the hospital.”
Ono Holds Conference: “The Hostages: A Question of Cost?”
Ono Academic College and “The Friends of Ron Arad” organization held a conference entitled “The Hostages: A Question of Cost?”
Ono Founder Ranan Hartman Chosen by Jerusalem Post as One of World’s 50 Most Influential Jews for 2023
Every year, before Rosh Hashana, the Jerusalem Post publishes a list of the World’s 50 Most Influential Jews. This year, Ono founder and CEO Ranan Hartman was chosen. The Post noted that Hartman has been changing Israel’s higher education sector for the better and pushing to integrate students from underprivileged backgrounds for more than two decades.
Equal opportunity in Israel is more than a dream; at Ono College, it’s a promise
As an Israeli rabbi born in Ethiopia, my Jewish identity is unequivocal and the color of my skin irrelevant to my spirit. Generations of Ethiopian Jews have questioned or muddled their identities for the sake of inclusion, and many still grapple for a place in Israeli society. At Ono College, we believe a new approach is needed to secure the future of equality and inclusivity in Israel.
Rabbi Shalom Sharon – Israel’s first ordained Ethiopian rabbi
This week, in the season finale of Thirty-Six, Justin sits down with Rabbi Shalom Sharon, Israel’s first ordained Ethiopian rabbi, for a conversation about his journey to Jerusalem.
Prof. Tova Hartman - The challenges of multiculturalism in Israel’s shared society - opinion
The Israeli government has put forth as a priority the inclusion of marginalized sectors in higher education to advance societal opportunities, but this is easier said than done.
Ono’s School of Real Estate Profiled in the Jerusalem Post
The Post interviewed Dr. Haim Zicherman, head of the School, who said its raison d’etre is that “One needs to be a professional to create a building project.” Four years ago, Zicherman, who also serves as a senior lecturer in Ono’s Law School, was appointed as the Director of the School of Real Estate, with the goal of turning the field of real estate into a subject that can be taught and studied as an academic profession and creating trained professionals in the field.
Russian Military War Crimes and Punishment
Ono Professor, Amichai Cohen, was interviewed on the “Security Strip “ radio program broadcast on Israel Army Radio (Galei Tzahal), regarding the preparation of war crimes cases against Russia following its attack on the Ukraine.
Ono Music Student Gal Dan Releases New Pop Track
Gal Dan, 26, guitarist, singer, music producer, nephew of famed Israeli singer Amir Dadon, and a 3rd year student in the music department of Ono Academic College was interviewed by Iris Kool on Israel’s Non-Stop Radio Network about the premier of his lastest song entitled, “Something Good Will Come.”
Leading-Edge Pedagogy
Ono Academic College offers its students the opportunity to prepare for a wide range of careers in the health professions, many of which cannot be learned anywhere else in Israel, and to do so using state-of-the-art educational technologies
Ono Professor’s Article Posted in Psychology Today
Prof. Talya Miron-Shatz, Head of the Institute for Medical Decision Research in Ono Academic College’s Department of Business Administration recently published anofessor’s Article in Psychology Today article on the website of the popular psychological journal Psychology Today, entitled, “Acceptance Isn't for the Faint of Heart”.
More Gun Licenses Following Wave of Terror?
Adv. Dikla Totian Zeid, a Lecturer at Ono Academic College’s School of Law, addressed the massive increase in requests for new gun licenses following the most recent terror attacks, in an interview on the program "On the Agenda" broadcast on the Knesset TV channel.
Inspirational Speech by a Graduate of the Faculty of Law | Ono Academic College
Esti Ohana - a graduate of the Faculty of Law on the Haredi campus of Ono Academic College, speaks at a conference on the employment of Haredi women.
Ono Computer Science Lecturer Sings Praises of Israeli Whiskey and Explains “Data Brokerage”
Ono computer science lecturer Ran Bar-Zik was recently interviewed on Radio Tel Aviv’s “Free Market” program for the show’s technology corner where he discussed these topics and others.
"Ono Academic College expands, builds multicultural campus"
Ono Academic College in Kiryat Ono, close to Tel Aviv, announced Sunday that it is expanding its campus to spread over an area of 13 dunams, where academic campus facilities, student dormitories and offices will be built, according to a press release from the college.
"What is Ono Academic College's secret to success?"
Ranan Hartman says that since its inception, he has tried to bring the very best teachers to the Ono campuses.
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